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Pardini's Hermitage

It is a private villa built in the Fifties ( it can only accomodate thirty guests at a time), surrounded by the beauties of nature. You can spend restful days there reading, chatting, playing or making music in a family milieu. Proprietors pay great attention to food that is always fresh and genuine.

Guests can enjoy beautiful walks along the paths of the island or ride donkeys as well as sailing in Giglio's wonderful sea. Thanks to its workshops, the hotel is the perfect resort to paint in watercolors or make pottery. The Wellbeing Corner is the real feather in the hotel's cap. Guests can enjoy massages and thalassotherapy treatments. The Hermitage offers the incomparable chance of peaceful and free sunbathing. On the warmest days, lunch is served on the terrace jutting out over the sea while, in the evening, there is often a barbecue in the hotel garden.

The Hermitage estate is also a farm, whose fields are cultivated in a natural way without any pesticides. Hotel guests can taste the great flavour of the olive oil, pasta and vegetable produced on the farm. Animals are bred in a semi wild state. The famous Amiata donkey is a rare species from the area around Monte Amiata. Yoghurts and cheeses served to the hotel guests are prepared from the milk of the farm's goats

During autumn and spring when the sea is higher and the colours of nature are brighter, the Hermitage, our home, is the perfect place to relax.